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TLC TV Episode 3: Reimagining the Customer Experience


Episode 3 of TLC TV will be looking at how we can reimagine the customer experience to deliver business value and realise results. Our panel of experts, including partner Five9, will be discussing: • How the contact centre has become the front door of the business. • How CX leaders can add value to every customer touchpoint. • How the latest innovations in AI & Automation are enabling CX leaders to reduce costs, improve the agent experience and provide a more human CX. • Why cloud is now a mandate to digitally transform your customer experiences

Episode 2: Evolution of Endpoint Security


Episode 2 will be discussing the evolution of endpoint security including: How do you define an ‘endpoint’ now vs 10 years ago for example? More importantly, how do you protect such a diverse set of devices? And what are the new risks that have evolved and what new challenges do they bring?

Episode 1: Cyber Security - A year review


The TLC TV series kicks off with a year review of the challenges, developments and changes within the IT and cybersecurity space. This interactive, live chat show - with a little comedy thrown in the mix - gives viewers the perfect balance of high-quality insight and light hearted entertainment to end the week!